09 October 2005

reality of life

The setting was ironic....soft music, aroma of coffee, presence of beautiful people. I was sitting all alone, waiting for the mocha to arrive. It was a depressing scene to be surrounded by couples, holding hands and talking mush. Even the brownie didnt seem well-heated. The glass doors opened, and in came the goddess. She was wearing a black top, had subtle makeup, with a classy way of carrying herself. The floor was set on fire. Sitting on the opposite table, i kept staring at her. A friend once said, "don't wait for magical things to happen, just grab the opportunity with both hands". I thought,this was the time to throw away all the shyness crap...be a man and ask her in filmi style," can i give company to a beautiful angel such as you?"(inspiration: scent of a women). I gulped the coffee bottoms up, pretending to have whisky in my hand. Just as the man stood up, the lady in black started walking towards him. Sweat poured like rain, this was too good to be true. The lady said, " can i take this chair??". I replied,"aaaa...ya".A hairy hirsute, about 6 feet tall walks in, hugs the girl of my dreams, and they both order sandwiches. I quietly paid the bill, went out and blew my sorrows in smoke.