23 December 2005

The Iron Fist

Its 1:40 AM and the sole purpose of writing this crap is to show the world that I have not started blogging as it is trendy or “in”, but in order to put my creative thoughts on paper(don’t take the sentences literally!!).

Let us discuss one of the biggest dilemmas faced by mankind…both young and old. This is regarding the Indian Railways and their unforgivable law of No-Smoking in the trains and platforms. Even though I used to think that there are ways around it, but my recent experiences have proved me wrong.

The standard technique was to stand on the circulation space between two compartments, have a friend on guard and get your kick. But the TCs have somehow got smart, and they have started roaming in civil, ready to fine and get their pockets heavy. I sometimes wonder how such an act should bother anyone. Smoking in trains is usually done near the doors, so passive smoking is out of question, mainly due to the excessive air flow which tends to dissolve the exhaust. It also results in a bunch of happy and satisfied individuals.

This leads to the dirtier solution, the washroom. The basic problem in this scenario is the faulty ambience. The sloppy floor, fragrances of excreta, lack of ventilation etc. kills the very essence of fag. But some recent experiments have provided some improvements in the system. While traveling from Ahemdabad to Pune, I…along with two of my friends discovered that the sliding window in the lavatory can be removed from its frame with some effort applied at the sides. This indeed lead to remarkable changes, particularly due to the regular changing of air which brought an open feeling.

Therefore, try to perform this exercise in your travels, but always put back the window in its place…because at the end of the day, we are all law-abiding citizens.