12 March 2007

Ayn Rand+Floyd

Studios (engineers-read labs) in the afternoon are always painful, especially during summer time. The class at 12:30, followed by the speedy run to the mess….yikes!! My two wheeled contraption makes sure that I sweat it out to maximize the “after lunch-before class” time. Heat wanders my mind. As I climb up the stairs to CTW, I picture my room like an air conditioned mall everybody loves to enter when on a treeless sidewalk.

Time of entry-1:00pm

t-25 minutes and counting……

The newspaper wasn’t there, so a possible option was a short nap. As I lay sideways, “We the living” by Rand caught my attention, kept carelessly on the shelf. I had it for sometime now, but always felt that anything by Rand needs a mood. It’s not light, not casual, not really FFUN so to say. Don’t know what made me pick it up. Perhaps too much wandering :)). The best part of a book is undoubtedly the beginning. The publisher’s name, copyright, acknowledgements foreword. One tends to expect something. It’s only in the middle that conclusions are made, whether it is dragged, or use of over the top words.etc Otherwise, every book is nice for the first ten pages.

I took a seat and inserted the floyd folder on my playlist.

People, I discovered that Pink Floyd and Ayn Rand are made for each other. I flipped through the pages like I was on the cycle twenty minutes back. Reading about Irina, Kira, kulaks mixed with a dosage of psychedelia freshened me(okai, I admit I have this thing for anything Russian, don’t know why).

My phone rings

“dude…..the prof has come, where the hell are you? sleeping? “

“No man….didn’t sleep, that’s the problem.”

Exit 1:45pm