25 December 2008

Vellapan ke side effects

"Those were really tough times."

This was something I always dreamt of saying.

Aren't we all subconsciously impressed by a person born in say 1921 and still living. I mean this guy must have witnessed and been affected by so many historical events…………………………………British Rule, WW II, the Indo-Pak wars, emergency, Amitabh Bachan's almost fatal injury on the sets of Coolie. There is always that calm wisdom embedded in his conversation, lines of hardship on the forehead, reassuring firmness in the handshake.

THE financial crisis (TFC) has been a stepping stone for me in that journey. It can be a similar thing for countless students all over the country seeking employment, if they are ready to take it in my spirit.

I will not lie like every company's HR person during a PPT.....we were not immune at all :) It affected our health, wealth, and happiness by bringing changes in time tested trends. All the corridor discussions, analysis, conjectures regarding placements were turning out to be pointless. They just became a sadly prosaic way of killing time which was available in plenty. I owe so many good things to TFC though. I renewed some of my interests like cricket, TT, hurling stones at tree trunks, gossip, watching movies having too many sequels/prequels (Rocky, StarWars, Rambo), spying on orkut scrapbooks, thinking of ways to beat people I dislike.etc.

After three weeks of being involved in the above mentioned activities, some arab guys came and selected me and five of my batch mates as Architects. I came home two days after this miracle. I had some plans for home this time. I wanted to read a bit, spend less time online and on TV. But my indulgence and pre-selection interests are lingering on. I strain myself to wake up every morning, creating temporary wrinkles on my forehead. HUHHH !!!