13 April 2006

The Old fashioned point of view

After spending 6 years in Delhi, looking at such a huge demographic strata of people, it is easy to conclude what defines as "cool" or "in". Strolling near PVR cinemas can be an enlightening experience. I'll just sum up my observations regarding the kind of "characters" visible there.

- Guys wearing jeans at such a low altitude that it is not difficult to see the brand of underwear. Some meticulous observation can also reveal the size.

-Spiked hair with a streak of maroon or orange.

-Conical shaped sideburns or.....no sideburns at all.

-There are always 3 or 4 cases where the male deliberately walks with a stoop, iPod in place, showing off his newest nikes(i bet if those beauties ever made contact with a basketball court!!). Common greeting: ssup??

-Although most of these lads dont have a speck of hair on the body, facial growth rulzzz! Keywords: spotted,french, goatee, imperial,stubble.

One may argue that this is what fashion is , but somehow i feel that it is too stereotyped. Every second youngster seems to have the above listed features on them.
All the effort of writing a blog about this seemingly useless issue makes me look like an orthodox person. Well...yeah, i may be the clean shaven, otherwise hairy,
spectacled guy, but atleast, the garment beneath my pants is a secret.