10 September 2005


When one thinks of sickness, a number of words and expressions flash infront of you. One tries to make the mental picture of the entire experience. Sympathy rules the air.

It was a Sunday morning. My head was spinning when i woke up. The odour of domstals and norfloxes filled my room. The room-mate, afraid of contracting some deadly disease from me, was spending his weekend in a cleaner environment. I went to the loo, puked and brushed my teeth, in order to give myself fake satisfaction.

The worse thing about getting ill in a hostel is lack of attention. When parents are nearby, there is someone who forces you to eat, even if have lost your appetite, there is someone who will remember when you have to take medicines. Life in general is simpler.The phone rang. I took the cell and walked into the volleyball court to avoid the initial disturbances. It was my mother. She started enquiring about my well being. I lied in order to avoid the barrage of questions that generally follow. But.....the cough gave way. I almost broke down. She told me to come to delhi that same evening. You may dislike your mother's constant worry, but parents are the only people who care. I took the flight and reached my house. My mother was standing infront of me, with her mouth wide open in shock. My dehydrated body was too much for her to bear. I hugged her and whispered," I just want to sleep." A cozy bed was prepared and that night, i forgot the world and entered deep slumber. Ignorance is bliss.


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swati arora said...

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Arjit said...

ashole!!! your room-mate(that would be me) never left the room that day to find a "cleaner environment".