13 June 2006

Da Vinci Code:Pain in the neck

Ever since I spent my summer vacations idle in first year, there was an enormous urge to be occupied this time. The problem with holidays exceeding 20 days is the gargantuan amounts of laziness that creeps in. The day usually starts at 10:00-10:30, breakfast(or brunch) at 11:00, and bathing by 12:30...at the end of the ablution and the daily release of excreta, lunch time comes. This is followed by a siesta as in summers, one gets tired pretty easily. By the time you wake up, again its some snacks or tv etc. To cut the long story short....you are always in this vicious cycle of consuming food, releasing it some other form, sleeping, consuming food again blah blah blah!!!

Hence, i made this bold decision to spend quality time with professionals, thereby getting some "first-hand practical" exposure. So i join this firm created by ex-kgpians in Vasant Kunj, Delhi. Two problems arose on the very first day:

1.Saturdays were not off(only second Saturdays: wtf,even my college has the courtesy to provide a full weekend break!!!!)

2.Proximity to PVR Priya:A place full of chicks, bars, movies....all the distractions necessary to divert my already confused mind.

Anyways, after concluding that life is not a bed of roses, i decide to give it a go. The beginning is disastrous....the work hours are long and the things to do are really boring. Result:i dont attend office on Friday and Saturday in order to get a long weekend and think about it. But, as someone once said "god has his strange ways", i just start liking my time in the office. The work quality improves and i get some importance...even though the firm will manage pretty well without me also. I stopped bunking office for a full day but started doing the same on 5 hour basis.i.e attend it till lunch time,then just dissapear.
It was one of these occasions, when i along with a friend decided to watch the Da Vinci Code. On reaching the ticket counter, the famous row paradox showed itself in full glory.

"2 tickets for da vinci code,4:40 show."
"yessirr, tht wud be 300 rupees."
"which seats?"
"sirrrr.....row B,seat no.3 & 4."
"sabse aage waali row kaunsi hai???"
(a moment of hesitation)"aaa mm sirrr, A."(he appeared too disappointed that i didn't fall in his trick)

300 BUCKS for 2nd row seats......for a movie surrounded by controversy, whose story we already know.....ufffufffufff. But, it is only under pressure that mettle of a man is tested.
After the transaction is done, we headed towards barista, as it the best place for spending quality time without spending money. Still, when the clock stuck 4:10, we came at the entrance of the theatre. Now, some seriously frustrating crap takes place. First, the guard at the door tells us that he will let us enter after 5 minutes---this was not the entry to the screen, but the main door of the multiplex---NO WONDER PEOPLE BOMB THESE PLACES!!!!

When we return after 5 minutes, this guy says, "Sir, you cannot take this bag in."(Since it was a office bunking exercise, i had a small bag on my shoulders.).I sadly part with it and get it deposited in the nearby locker facility(It was just a paan waala who took 10 rupees for keeping bags and cameras).Finally, we enter.
Near our screen stood the usual line of counters serving popcorn and beverages. The World Cup fever was visible, with giant posters, free demo of XBOX 360 etc. Then we look for the cheapest option available for satisfying our stomachs.
1 Popcorn+2 Pepsis=Rs.120
Not bad, i said.
Then i saw something written in small print: Couple combo

Now that was embarrassing.......but being proud kgpians who are above things like girls etc, we took one.
When we finally take our seats in the theatre, this 3 tonne dude with his 2 tonne gf occupy their seats next to me. The problem was that the seats were not designed for these creatures and hence they were overflowing everywhere, making the entire row of mortal humans around them move along. This stole the joy of movie watching as i was always waiting when his arms will spank my cola. To add to that, it was a neck straining exercise to watch Tom Hanks and his long hair from the 2nd row. Credit goes to the director, inspite of the circumstances, i liked the movie a lot.


Puerile Profundity said...

idle. not ideal.
ideal? no this is not ideal. ideal would be a word i wud use to
describe something like an amorous month on the outskirts of paris
making wild mountain goat love to winona ryder.

Anish said...

nice blog mate ... nice blog..

Arjit said...

"1 Popcorn+2 Pepsis=Rs.120" were the serving done gold plated glass or what!!!!!!( ok i`m really cheap...u know that) neways well written...try to be more regular with your blog cause your are reall good.

abhinav ankur said...

Damn u ....i will kill u whenu come bak to kgp..how dare u mention priya nd da vinci when a frend of urs is ffuckin his guide in an awesome place cald saharanpur

Clarencemwkx said...

nice blog mate ... nice blog..