15 August 2007


Things are never clear........but i am expected to focus. Its like a soup out there.............................people also call it "life". hahh!! Of course it is full of stuff. Lets not talk about love; too complex and tedious.
Four years with pencils and lines wasn't that bad. It was scary in the beginning........afterall i wasnt supposed to do it, i didn't slog for it. It was a compromise with which i learnt to live, and eventually liked to a certain extent. The hard work and time invested has given it some value. It is now something I don't want to leave point-blank. But still cannot see myself doing it for the rest of my time. Is this a student mid-life crisis :) ?


Baffling said...

haan bey, we at TSA were also talking about the student midlife crisis, and we concluded that it starts in the fourth year only... Grahasta Vaas (not a srilankan bowler) muhahahahahah
also, none of us got the fair end of the deal after slogging so hard, right! ;)

Tipu Sultan said...

Are aurora ji , assi loves you yaar , En'G'oY.. :) !