08 June 2009

I just rediscovered the pleasures of television. The wait for a movie to start, commercial breaks when one can get something to bite are a welcome relief from the “on-demand” nature of LAN. I remember how many times in kgp when I planned to watch a movie, but ended up getting short term satisfaction from an episode of Prison Break or Seinfeld. The sheer lethargy that crept in by the thought of sitting for 2 hours used to be very overwhelming. Now I just switch on and bump in the middle of something going on and keep watching. Have seen so many pending movies on “HBO” !! Shameful after bringing 1.2 Tb of DC’s best :)


TimbaRoocha said...

As you grow older and lazier you will be amused by the fact that you can't do without a Television [:p]

Nikhil Arora said...

hehe.....yaa man, i have got preview of things to come :)

mohit said...

bhai... i never knew u wrote a blog .... and its good too ;)

hope the french turns out great !